Wedding (crashing?) on the beach

When sitting on the Playa del Christo on Saturday, one of the two main beaches in Estepona, we saw a group of people gathering at one of the Chiringuitas –beach restaurants.  They were on the opposite end of the crescent-shaped cove from us, but there seemed to be about 70 or 80 people congregating, and all of them were dressed in white.   At first we thought it was a school group in uniform, but then realized there were people of all ages.  So I walked over to investigate and questioned one of them.  (Of course, I picked a tall, really good-looking young man–might as well enjoy the scene!)   It was a wedding, with all the guests dressed in white.   The groom’s family wore touches of light blue and the bride’s light pink—the overall effect of everyone on the beach dressed in white was absolutely gorgeous.  “Que  bonito!” I commented to my new pal as I was offered hors d’oeuvres by a passing waiter.   Does this count as wedding crashing?   I think it’s just typical Spanish hospitality. 


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