Update on our wanderings

Besides just hanging out on the beautiful beach at Estepona, we have visited a few other beaches in the first week here—Torreguardia, Fuengirola, and yesterday, Benalmadena.   Torreguardia is lovely and there’s not much there except sand, surf, and quite a few English and Irish families on holiday.   But the beach is gorgeous and I’ve included a photo of the beach beds and the lovely clear waves.    Fuengirola was similar to Estepona, only busier and bigger, but we got the beach chairs we’d been looking for at a good price—something we couldn’t seem to do in Estepona.   Benalmadena is a much larger town/city—closer to Malaga.  We really wanted to visit there because our son Ricardo spent a month there when he was in high school. The beaches are gorgeous, although the it’s a  little too big for my taste for a beach town—with an aquarium, a butterfly park, and amusement park in addition to the big town. Sleepy little Estepona is much more relaxing.  But we spent a nice day in Benalmadena, had a wonderful lunch, a long walk along the beach, and later took the cable car up to the top of the mountain.   The views were breathtaking, and we were rewarded at the top with an equestrian show.  The horses and riders were good, but not particularly impressive; however, the setting—with the arena at the edge of the mountain and the whole seacoast in view behind—it was definitely worth the trip.    I hope the attached does it justice.

Click through the slide show to see all the pics.


2 thoughts on “Update on our wanderings

  1. ellen

    I knew the Costa del Sol was supposed to be incredible but I’ve never really someone out there walking me along the beach and farmers markets. It sounds fantastic!!


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