For the last few days we traveled to Córdoba and then to Sevilla.   Córdoba was a first for both of us, and I wonder why it took us so long to visit this city with it’s amazing sights and history.   The highlight, of course, is the famous Mezquita, an enormous former mosque which is now a 16th-century church.   Cordoba’s cultural history includes contributions by two 12-th Century Córdoba natives and renowned scholar/philosophers—one Jewish, (Maimonides) one Arab (Averroes).   The Mezquita, the unfinished Renaissance arch leading to a Roman bridge, the Jewish quarter and 14th Century Synogogue, and the modern part of town with Art Deco architecture gives a little of the sense of the passage of time and the many violent changes of power that Córdoba has survived.

…And, as I said on the facebook page—anita and ray—I was followed around the Mezquita by a group of English tourists.  Apparently, having read the scholarship of the Dean of Sarah Lawrence College—Jerrilynn Dodds—I fooled them into thinking I was some kind of expert!   Thanks, Jerri!


3 thoughts on “Cordoba

  1. Gene

    We have not been there either. Want to do it. Sounds like you two are staying in Spain forever; cheap vino and good weather. What is not to like.


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