Balcon de Europa–Nerja

Yes—another beach. A place we would happily spend a week or two.    The video gives a little idea of the breathtaking scenery–in spite of the lack of skill of the videographer.  (Anita–with her finger in the first several frames!) 

Nerja is an absolutely gorgeous place just east of Malaga on the Costa del Sol.   We loved it because of two things—the amazing caverns discovered 225″ class=”size-medium wp-image-219″ /> Balcon de Europa[/caption]about 60 years ago –Las Cuevas de Nerja are impressive.   The the town itself manages to be a real Spanish town and a seaside retreat at the same time.   Very special.   The video was taken standing on the “Balcón de Europa” –Balcony of Europe, central to the Nerja waterfront.  There are several beaches along the coves  on either side.  It seems you can see the entire Med from there—and once again, we got very lucky with incredible weather.

We also walked to the 4th beach east of the Balcón for lunch, Playa Burriana.  We headed for AYO—an terrific  restaurant with hundreds of tables set up under a canopy right on the beach—apparently,  a Nerja institution for 50 years.  (I was immediately attracted by the name—AYO—my initials!) They cook paella over an open fire in pans FIVE FEET in diameter.    From about 1 to 5 pm, people pop by for Sangria, wine, or beer and the all-you-can-eat paella feast—for 6.50€.   What’s could be better?  We pigged out before heading for the caves.   Wish you were here!

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