Hardware melt-down!

Now I know why I had so much trouble getting this blog started.   My laptop’s hard drive has crashed!    The cost of a new hard drive,restoring my files (fortunately, everything I needed was already backed up!) and buying the software is the same as getting a new computer.   Not in the budget.   Now I am using an ancient laptop that will have to come along on our trip with us instead.   At least it is nice and small.   We’ll wait for December to make a new purchase, because for now all of our resources are going to travel.   Grrr…timing is everything!   Will go back to packing now.


4 thoughts on “Hardware melt-down!

  1. Maralyn Carr

    The two of you look beautiful. Sorry about the laptop but you’ll be fine no matter what. Have a great 3 months!

  2. Gene

    You look well rested and tanned already. Hope the weather is great and we are sure you will have lots of good food and lots and lots of Spanish wines. I heard they stocked up extras for Raymond.
    Gene and Nancy


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